Apple WWDC 2021 Summary: Important Updates Arrive in iOS 15 and iPad OS, macOS Monterey Revealed ..

Apple just ended the WWDC 2021 developer conference, which brought with it the latest findings of the company in its operating systems, services and applications, as it carried the announcement of iOS 15 and its accompanying iPad OS alongside Mac systems with the release of macOS Monterey and watch OS 8 for the smart watch, and other updates

iOS 15

The iOS operating system is the most prominent event for the company, as the system carried many updates, especially for the FaceTime application, the way of displaying notifications, as well as bringing a new feature called Intelligence similar to the lens feature from Google, in addition to updating the Wallet application, the Maps application, and others.

New updates that have arrived in the system include:

  • A new way of displaying notifications and adding a quick notification summary feature to read it in the morning or evening.

iPad OS 15

As with iOS, the iPadOS partner system adds most of the features with special additions that match the large screen of the iPad and its accompanying hardware to get the most out of the devices. This is what actually happened by adding the widget and app library feature, as is the case with iOS, in addition to supporting the running of two apps at the same time.

New system updates include:

  • Support for widgets or widgets.

Watch OS 8

The watchOS system is receiving increasing attention, especially with the increasing reliance on smart watches, and as usual, the new generation of the system brings improvements to the display and the ability to take advantage of applications in the best way.

The system update included:

  • The ability to use the portrait photos taken with the iPhone camera to set it as the watch face.

MacOS Monterey

The name of the new system comes after the city of Monterey, which is located in California, similar to the name of a Mexican city as well. As usual, the system has carried important updates to the way of use, especially in integration with other Apple devices.

New system updates include:

  • Universal Control that allows the same mouse to be used on one Mac and another iPad at the same time, as the pointer automatically shifts

Other services and updates from Apple appeared at the developer conference
In addition to announcing the operating systems, Apple revealed at the Developers Conference about updates to the email to protect users from spying, especially what is known as the Spy Pixel, where the sender’s email address and the place of sending are hidden, as well as preventing the sender from knowing where the message was opened to the recipient.

This comes in conjunction with the unveiling of the iCloud + service, which provides additional protection features and allows the user to hide e-mail and the ability to create a number of e-mail addresses to prevent tracking.

Apple has also added more updates to the Siri voice assistant, which has better offline voice recognition capabilities. The company also announced an expected step of making the voice assistant available on third-party devices, as we see with the Google Voice Assistant or Amazon Alexa Assistant.

In addition, the company announced a new toolkit for developers to help them develop their applications better on various systems, as well as the launch of the Xcode Cloud cloud service for developers to help teams get the job done as quickly as possible.

By : Every Ideas | Rashid Akzoum | Tech World

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